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Relationship Psychotherapy


Psychotherapy is more in-depth than counselling; it can empower you to achieve life’s goals and live life more fully and more positively.

Psychotherapy, for those deemed to be in need of it and who would benefit from it, is concerned with building the emotional foundations that lead to self-growth and empowerment. It aims to relieve troubling symptoms and alleviate pain. It facilitates clearer and better decision-making, as well as a more satisfactory achievement of one’s personal goals. It can enable people to live life more fully and more positively in relation to self, to family and friends and to broader society.

Effective psychotherapy, therapy that heals and nurtures, works because of the unique relationship between the therapist and the person in therapy. The construction of a supportive, trusting, non-judgemental, confidential environment is a particular feature of my practice. I do my utmost to make people feel welcome, accepted and understood. This then frees them to open up in new and unexpected ways that help to explore their deep innermost thoughts and feelings about themselves and others – thus facilitating the growth of emotional self-awareness and better self-esteem. This process gradually builds the foundations that lead to a more satisfactory and fulfilling life.

Individual Psychotherapy

An individual’s presenting problems often reflect underlying difficulties from the person’s experiences earlier in life. Some people are unhappy, confused, frustrated or troubled by a crisis or a relationship problem and need a safe confidential space to start talking.

In therapy, I focus on facilitating and exploring what prompted the person to consider therapy and clarifying what their specific goals and needs are. My practice specialises in treating men and women of all sexual orientations. I bring warmth and wisdom to the work. My therapeutic goal is to help each individual to love and live life more fully and more positively in relation to self and to others.

Couple Psychotherapy

Couple psychotherapy is in-depth therapy for couples who are having relationship difficulties that may reflect underlying difficulties from the past. In therapy, the focus is on identifying the source of the problem, paying attention to both conscious and unconscious factors. This process works to identify what’s preventing them from making important changes in the relationship.

My therapeutic approach combines psychodynamic and systemic, humanistic perspectives with elements of cognitive and behavioural techniques adaptable to what works for you. I select interventions that are experientially researched and found to be effective.

It is critical that people feel comfortable. I offer a warm confidential and safe space for couples, a space where both partners can with commitment slowly rekindle the love and affection they once shared earlier in their lives.

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"I have just finished therapy with Kate, and I would unreservedly recommend her insightful and invaluable relationship therapy, which has helped me to work through a very difficult time in my life. Her professionalism and intelligence led to an excellent outcome from starting with a very complex relationship problem. My life has changed for the better. Thank you Kate."