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Psychosexual Therapy (PST)

Sex Therapy Dublin Ireland

Psychosexual Therapy (PST)

Sex problems can be an embarrassing and sensitive topic for most people.

Sex Therapy, also known as Psychosexual Therapy (PST) deals with sexual dysfunction at individual and couple levels. It is a highly developed and regulated field which has evolved from the pioneering work of Masters & Johnson in the 1960s. 

Psychosexual therapists are trained counsellors or medical professionals who have undertaken special training in the appropriate treatments for sexual difficulties at the individual and/or couple levels.

Sex therapy aims to identify and understand the underlying causes of sexual problems, and to guide individuals and couples in developing techniques to overcome these difficulties. Issues that commonly arise include performance anxiety, erectile difficulties, intimacy issues, stress, loss of libido, past trauma, depression or problems in life or in a relationship.


Benefits of Psychosexual Therapy:

  • Identify and understand the underlying causes of sexual issues.
  • Explore relationship and intimacy difficulties.
  • Develop a programme specifically tailored for individual/couple needs.

Psychosexual Therapy can save rocky relationships and transform people’s lives.


The Process

Initially there is an assessment to identify what the problem is, if there is a need for personal or relationship counselling, or a health/medical history that might suggest referral to a GP/urologist.

Appreciating that this can be a sensitive and embarrassing topic for most people, I create a calm, non-judgmental, supportive and fully confidential environment. During this and any subsequent sessions, there is an opportunity to ask questions, become familiar with the process and clarify any concerns that arise.

The next step involves a history-take – resulting in a treatment plan designed specifically to match the sexual problem, followed by regular sessions to discuss how the work is progressing.

The duration of a treatment programme depends on the nature of the difficulty, and the pace which individuals/couples feel comfortable with in consultation with the therapist.

N.B: No physical examination takes place and no intimate exercises ever take place during sessions. The process is based entirely on information, education, advice and counselling.


When should you come for sex therapy?

The best time to develop a good sexual relationship is early on in the relationship This means that major difficulties are less likely to arise later in life. Some wait so long that by the time they contact me, they are in despair of ever rekindling the love and affection they once had. That’s why I suggest that even if you’re thinking about sex therapy, or starting the journey as an individual, it’s best to start the process immediately.


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"Kate is a very professional and highly competent therapist. I was referred by my GP and I had never done therapy before. Her calm and gentle approach helped me to build confidence and overcome my sexual difficulties. She was extremely supportive and encouraging every step of the way. I am very grateful to Kate for her help."